Grow a 3C: How to Empower Ourselves

I always wondered why life didn’t come with instructions. Wouldn’t our lives be so much easier if someone told us what to do, where to go, and how to do it. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we knew of the end, the middle, and the start? That way we would never have those moments wondering why we were here on earth and what we’re meant to do. We wouldn’t have to question if our lovers were truly the one for us or feel like hardships are the end of the world. But I’m sure knowing all the answers wouldn’t be as fun. There’s something about challenges that bring joy just as slaying dragons would. Are you slaying your dragons?

People complain about their challenges all the time. I’m no exception. But I do try to face my challenges with a smile on my face. I try to at least laugh at myself. Mr. Heinlein, explanation please, “I grok people. I am people…so now I can say it in people talk. I’ve found out why people laugh. They laugh because it hurts so much…because it’s the only thing that’ll make it stop hurting.” That’s partially why I laugh. I laugh at myself because sometimes our hardships are funny, true, and sad all at the same time. I laugh at myself because it reminds me that I’m just a human and that everything will be okay.

Back to my naive and expired want to have life instructions. It would be like actors on a movie script. The character’s fates would be already written out. Without fear and challenges though, it’s like a movie where the characters are happy all the time. That kind of sucks, actually. Count me out.

So I decided to write my fate.

If you were the perfect baby, the one baby to rule them all, what traits would you give that baby? I feel like these are important choices to make. Because really, how do you want to others to see you? I have an answer. My answer could be wrong, but if a Hungarian Horntail was breathing fire in your face, would you at least try to find out how to make the dragon stop? I sure hope so. I’ll give these traits my best shot. Stand up and speak with conviction, young grasshopper. Own what you say and what you do. So whether you agree with me or not, at least I believe in what I’m about to say.

Why is breeding a baby with good traits so important? I believe that when we die, as a final test of how well we lived our lives, it’s important to feel good about how we’ve contributed to this world. I mean really. If you were to die today, how would you feel about the life you’ve lived? Have you lived to your full potential? I hope that having the traits I’m about to mention empowers you to reach your full potential. In fact, I’ll even spice it up for you. To give you a target of the attitude this perfect baby aims for, I’ll provide questions and the answer choices that match these questions at the end. Oh, and try not to cheat of course. Cheaters don’t win in the long term – I mean really, has anyone cheated death yet? For the following, answer yes or no.

  1. Do you believe you can do almost anything that any other human has achieved?
  2. You’re intimidated by people who are more wealthy, more popular, or smarter
  3. You love books.
  4. You get bored easily.
  5. If the pain is great enough, do you go and find the solution?
  6. When you see someone in pain, do you want to help them?

Have you finished answering the six questions above? If so, read on. If not, ask a friend to read the questions and have you write your yes or no response. Answers that match the 3Cs:

  1. Yes (confidence)
  2. No (confidence)
  3. Yes (curiosity)
  4. No (curiosity)
  5. Yes (compassion)
  6. Yes (compassion)

To me, the 3Cs make for a good dinner conversation. Now I finally have an answer to what I believe the most important personality traits are. The paragraphs below explain why I think they’re so important.


If you had the biggest dream in the world but you didn’t have confidence, you would never be able to breathe your dream to life. I feel like confidence is what gets us through the dark times. Similar to hope, a healthy sense of confidence, reminds us when we’re weak that we have the potential for greatness. If you’ve watched “Waiting for Superman”, you’ll learn that American students have fallen behind students of other developed countries in subjects like math and science. But there’s still something Americans rank first in – confidence. I believe confidence is the core ingredient for making Americans believe in themselves and transform nothing to something.


Something that took me a long time to learn was to enjoy school. I think no one ever told me how important it is to want to learn. Well, maybe someone did. But even if they did, I wasn’t curious enough to remember their wisdom. Curiosity starts with a question and ends with many answers. Without questions, we don’t have answers. In a sense, curiosity leads us to solutions. That’s why we need to keep asking ourselves what needs improvement and how to improve things. I learned in psychology that our memories connect together. So if you don’t use a memory or similarly a memorized skill, it’s like you’ve lost the map of how to get back to your skill. It’s literally use it or lose it. Curiosity is super healthy for the human mind, keeps us entertained, and makes us more well-rounded.


Unlike curiosity and confidence, compassion makes us more human and differentiates us from most animals. I understand it as not only wanting to solve other people’s problems, but also taking the steps to do so. Compassion takes our curiosity and compassion to craft it into something useful. Batman had his superpowers. He’d be joker if it wasn’t for his compassion. To me, it’s what comes with the great responsibility of being human. Or you can think about it as the greatest gift that we can give back to society. Compassion is like a personal way of saying thanks to all the people who’ve ever helped you. That’s why I don’t believe there’s one unique way to show compassion – it’s unique to each person.

Combined, I think confidence, curiosity, and compassion make us better people. They guide us to finding our futures selves and what we want to do. These traits don’t make us perfect. But having these traits, I feel more responsible, powerful, in control, and to some extent – limitless. One more note, literally, to end on. If you’re ever feeling weak, know that you have what it takes to get where you want to go. That does mean that your destination is not rigid, but flexible. For example, if my goals was being a world-class mountain climber, but I broke an arm forever, my new goal could be motivational speaking. Either way, both actions help you give value to society as a citizen. And if at the end, the scary end, you find yourself still broken in as many places as you ever were before – rest assured that you, brave soul, at least tried. Most people weren’t born with a 3C. But like most traits, a 3C is a skill and most skills can be learned – upwards and onward to doing stuff good.

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  1. I love the article. I would say that 2 other things I would look for in a person who is successful both in business and personal life would be perseverence and adaptability. As in both business and life, everything changes, sometimes for the good, and sometimes not so good; but it all hinges on how someone can adapt to those internal/external changes and persevere. I am interested in your thoughts and hope to hear from you soon.

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