From friends and mentors:
“You are the friend we always dreamt to have.” – Puneet Oberoi

“Olivia is a goal-oriented, self-motivated worker who has exceeded our internship expectations. She broke past team records for organic search. ” – Megan Edgeller (Director of Product at

“On top of her outstanding work ethic, her attitude is excellent and she lightened up the office with her enthusiasm. ” – Dan Graham (CEO of

“Olivia has an incredible work ethic and desire to better the lives of others.” – Garrett Oliveira (Senior Strategy Analyst at Accenture)

“I honestly think you are one of the kindest, most accepting people I’ve had a chance to meet.” – Priyanka Sarkar

“Your open-minded attitude and unique ideas make you an awesome person to talk to.” – Jennifer Lee (engineer at Dropbox)

“Don’t be surprised if people say you are like a dog, always so happy and loyal.” – Felipe Robledo

“Half of the school seemed to know you…it was because your one of a kind compassion.” – Jasmine Chang (graduate from Columbia University)